The Bedrooms

1st Floor

Bedroom 1 – One Double – sleeps 2

Bedroom 2 – Family Room – 1 Double, 1 Single – sleeps 3

Bedroom 3 – Family Room – 3 Singles – sleeps 3

TOTAL – 8 People.


All bedrooms on the 1st floor are en-suite.

We are describing a Family Room as one where a second bedroom leads off from the main bedroom.

2nd Floor

Bedroom 4 – 1 Double – sleeps 2

Bedroom 5 – 1 Double – sleeps 2

Bedroom 6 – Family Room – 1 double, 2 singles – sleeps 4

TOTAL – 8 People.


All rooms on 2nd floor are en-suite.

The Apartment

Bedroom 1 – 1 Double – sleeps 2

Bedroom 2 – 1 Double – sleeps 2

The Lounge area can be made into an extra bedroom of 1 Double, sleeping 2, with prior notice.

Therefore, the apartment normally sleeps 4 but can sleep 6 and is served by 1 Bathroom.

Staying at the Château is not hard to organise but it’s assuredly hard to beat! Contemplating breaking the trend of going to a regular hotel in exchange for your very own castle is something you can quickly reconcile as a simple choice! The concept of ‘contemplation’ is quickly no longer even prevalent, for the decision has already been made…Château De Montjoie it is!

What makes the Château so special is not quite fully understood. Just being in and around the grounds is like food for the soul. From the superior comfort of the rooms to the luxurious surroundings of the grounds and scenery beyond.

Having all of your holiday needs met – from swimming to BBQs, from sports and physical activities such as tennis and skiing to stunning walks and impeccable nature, from childrens’ games to sightseeing, fishing and wine tasting – and delivered in such an exquisite and traditional style, whilst being removed from urban living is quite the unparalleled feat, and yet it’s a certain je ne sais quoi that makes the Château, and time spent there, just a dream come true.

Experience it once and see for yourself. And the best thing is, it doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime thing! You can always keep going back for more!