Evelyn’s Mark Retreats

The international arm of Evelyn’s Mark is proudly hosted here at Château de Montjoie by Mark Kimchi himself.
Evelyn’s Mark goes a little beyond the typical retreat and aims at immersing you in a new way of living that is inspiring, easy to do and most of all, rewarding. The Evelyn’s Mark Process is a system of total body and mind transformation whilst guiding and preparing you for all the changes you desire once you return home. It is a unique retreat in that it sandwiches many areas between the typical relaxation, treatments, yoga and well-prepared food.
A highlighted feature of the Evelyn’s Mark Process Retreat is the raw food workshops taught by Mark and participated in by you, each and every day of the retreat.
It is quite the enlightening experience to actually be involved in the food preparation and to understand the science of the foods being used and the techniques being used to prepare them. The skill of Mark is unparalleled and his caring and attentive nature to each and every guest is evident through the knowledge and results the guests acquire.
Evelyn’s Mark runs regular retreat processes throughout the year in the UK and several times here at Château de Montjoie. The experience at The Château combines the excellence of the Evelyn’s Mark Process and the luxury of stately accoutrements.
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Evelyn’s Mark has only a few places left for the remaining retreats this year, please see below for what dates are available to book.
5th August – 13th August Fully Booked! Sorry
19th August – 27th August Available
5th September – 13th September Available
21st September – 29th September Available
2nd October – 11th October Available
14th October – 22nd October Fully Booked! Sorry