Eliane Retreats

The Eliane Group, which comprises Restaurants & Retreats, hosts all of its luxury retreats here at Château de Montjoie.
The retreats are gratified with healthy and delicious food inspired by the Eliane restaurants and taken from the Eliane official cookbook Food to make the soul smile, By Rafia Willmott and Anna Fidler.
Eliane hosts its retreats with fantastic in-house fully staffed services and provide yoga, massage, stunning country walks and activities throughout. It is a sumptuous break from city living that is so far removed from everyday life and yet is not far to travel to, making it possible to maximise your time and enjoyment here.
Catering is looked after in much the same vein as the Eliane restaurants and cookbook — all guests are catered for no matter what their food preferences or food sensitivities are. All dietary requirements are covered and everyone is guaranteed to be satisfied.
The retreats offered by Eliane are run throughout the year at certain times and a more detailed schedule can be obtained by contacting us.